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Master of Higher Education

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Photographic fresco
Sculpt images with light.

Digital is the future, it's convenient, it is efficient,  
but the beauty is the photograph in White and Black

         When we see a picture of 100/150 years ago, we think, my goodness, how beautiful.
   When we wish to imagine the memory of a good family time, retracing the epic undertaking of an ancestor or recreate the historical periods of a place, behold, it is then that we are fascinated by the beauty of grays and blacks of silver nitrate.

   Is the traditional black and white photograph of silver halide, whose history has traveled nearly two centuries in parallel with industrial development.
   As these recordings, I realized that I used the enlarging as a chisel, sculpted images with light.
   Restoring the artistic relationship with the true meaning of the term photography, from the greek "phos graphis" writing with light.
Photographic fresco, sculpt images with light.

   Is the presentation of a new method of artistic expression with the configuration of a ample application scenario for the future and with the intent to preserve the knowledge of the technique that has not been used for some time.
   The Photographic fresco images are developed directly on the wall, with the aim to establish a lasting historical memory of all that has been achieved over the centuries the identity of a family, a village, a valley, a city.
   With photographic fresco can be fixed permanently and lasting historical memory on the walls of palaces, churches, castles and transmit to posterity the same beauty that we now feel seeing the ancient Frescos.     
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